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Apollo instant noodles is a quality product made with love in Mauritius. Its unique noodle recipe contains finely selected locally milled flour from Australian wheat grains. The noodles are enhanced with bursting seasoning flavors influenced by the multi-faceted local cuisine, which make Apollo instant noodles a distinctive product.

Established in 1980 as a private limited company, T&T International Foods was the first company in Mauritius to manufacture instant noodles. Today, we are the leader in the instant noodles business in Mauritius and our star product Apollo instant noodles is a household reference for the local inhabitants thanks to continuous R&D and sustained growth.

Being ISO 9001-certified for more than ten years by SGS Ltd, our know-how has allowed us to tap European markets, neighboring markets in the Indian Ocean as well as African countries.

Following the successes in Eastern and Southern African countries, as well as France, United Kingdom and Ireland, Apollo instant noodles is expected to replicate the high demands within Australia. Due to their established distribution network across Australia, Montre/Fusungta Australia Pty Ltd has been appointed as an importer of APOLLO products in Australia.